Jazz By The Bay – hundreds of different events over 3 days – from 5pm Friday 1st June until 8pm Monday 4th June.

Go to jazzbythebay.com.au for the full programme and get in to the swing!!!

Head to the Bay for The Cool Sounds of Jazz

We would argue that the South West is the place to be on any weekend – what could be more ideal.

Nevertheless, once every year it exceeds even its own expectations and becomes the only place to be for jazz lovers everywhere, as the now famous annual Jazz by the Bay event swings round. It all begins on Friday 1st June and winds its way through to Monday 4th June 2018 where the follower’s lounge, listen and gently rock to moody, blue notes of piano, sax, bass and drums.

During the day we soon observe the dulcet notes turning Bebop as the event maneuvers the region into Jazz City. It’s a celebration of music, a tribute to the Masters and an acknowledgement of the Beat Generation of Jazz.

Lets face it, what could be cooler surrounded by beaches, wineries and gourmet food, lovers of swing jazz will dance the night away, trad lovers will keep the beat while others simply soak up the cool mellow sounds of improvisation rhythms as they sip a glass of Shiraz.

It’s a feast for music lovers everywhere and this year the sweet sound of soul and funk will echo through the Capes.

It’s a rare old time for locals and trippers from Perth who make the journey and party on. Travellers from far off places melt into their seats, close their eyes and soak up the sounds. Who wouldn’t want to be here.

In the words of Dave Brubeck, ‘Take Five’ and go where the in-crowd go this June.

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