Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse Tour

Hi I’m Lizzy, Wildwood Valley’s marketing manager. I’m lucky enough to live in Dunsborough about 10 minutes’ drive from Wildwood with my husband and 2 daughters. Maddy is aged 3.5 years and Charlotte is 8 months.

We’re spoilt for choice with so many great things to do in the south west and I’ll use this blog to share with you some of my favourites. From family friendly outings to smarter restaurants for special occasions and everything in between. Have a look at our Visiting Yallingup page for more ideas and feel free to call us for more information about any of our recommendations.

We’ve had a mild winter so far with plenty of dry sunny days, perfect for burning energy outdoors. Over the weekend I took Maddy to Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse which happens to be my old place of work from several years ago. I loved giving Lighthouse and Ngilgi Cave tours! The lighthouse and cave are at separate locations but are run by the same tourism association so you can purchase a combined ticket which can be used on different days.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is located at the northern tip of the Cape, approximately 10 minutes scenic drive from Dunsborough. You pass the turnoffs to Meelup beach, Castle Rock beach, Eagle Bay, Bunker Bay and Sugarloaf Rock which are all worth a visit too.

Lighthouse tours depart from the 100+ year old lighthouse keepers’ cottage on the hour and half hour. We took the pram, knowing Maddy wouldn’t walk the whole way up the hill.  Maddy handled the lighthouse stairs beautifully, making it a safe yet exciting child friendly attraction. Our guide gave an excellent spiel about the history of the lighthouse, cottages and area as we made our way up the lighthouse stairs. We had a close look at the Chance Brothers’ crystal lens imported from Birmingham England and ventured out onto the balcony for a spectacular 360 degree view of the Indian Ocean, Geographe Bay, beaches and national park. Magnificent!

Back at the cottages and car park there are a number of excellent walking tracks (free) including a wheelchair accessible track to Sugarloaf Rock and a walk through national park to the Seal Rock lookout. We’re leaving those for next time!


Giant Connect 4 at Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse


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