Beautiful Ireland!

Our intrepid travellers (and bosses!), Sioban and Carlo, have taken some precious time out from their busy schedules of conducting tours of Tuscany and hosting cooking classes to travel to the home of Sioban’s ancestors, Ireland!

They, along with their children Giacomo and Shanna, have enjoyed visiting gorgeous villages, experienced breathtaking scenery and sampled some great food – especially seafood – in Galway. The only downer? The weather! Oh well, you can’t have everything!

Now it’s back to work for them as they recommence the weekly tours, then it won’t be long until they’re home again in Oz (where at least the weather will be good!)

If anyone would like more information about the Mad About Tuscany 7 Night Tours, accommodation at Wildwood Valley Cottages or attending a fabulous cooking class in 2016, please call Vicki or Julie for more information on 9755 2120. Ciao!



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