How to get to Quinninup Falls

A guide on how to find Wilyabrup’s most elusive waterfall

Quinninup Falls near Yallingup aren’t on the well-beaten tourist trail of the south west, and to be honest, they can be a little tricky to find.

Electronic maps have been responsible for luring many tourists and locals alike down off-road tracks and sandy paths in search of the hidden waterfalls.

But there’s no reason to get lost in your search for the elusive falls. It’s actually quite easy to find the walking trail that leads you straight to the bushland cascade.

In this post, we’ll share our tips on you how to get there, who should go and the best times to visit Quinninup Falls during your visit to the south west.

The best time to visit Quinninup Falls

It can be easy to forget that waterfalls need lots of water for them to flow into the majestic cascades that we all have in our mind when we think of beautiful gushing falls.

But for that to happen, there needs to be a great amount of water feeding into the source, and plenty of recent rain.

The south west of Western Australia, gets most of its rain during the winter months: June to September, but its not uncommon to get significant amounts of rainfall from May through to November.

This coincides with spring wildflower season. From August to early November there’s a visual feast of flowers in every colour. Be sure to take a camera! Patricia Negus’ Cape to Cape guidebook is a great resource for identifying wildflowers – Dunsborough Visitor Centre should have copies for sale.

Best tip: If there’s been recent rain, there’s a good chance the Quinninup Falls are flowing. Call the visitor centre on (08) 9780 5911 to check.

Quinninup Falls in spring. Photo: Jennifer Morton

Photo: Jennifer Morton

Who will enjoy this Yallingup waterfall?

Everybody loves a waterfall. The trickling of the water is soothing and calming; perfect to de-stress and relax. Plus, they make for gorgeous travel photos.

But getting to Quinninup Falls is not an easy trek. The path to the waterfalls is part of the Cape to Cape Track, a 135 kilometre coastal hiking trail that runs between Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse near Eagle Bay and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta.

From the car park, it’s a 30-minute walk over rocky paths, mucky marsh and down a steep sand dune, which is all good until you have to get back up it.

It’s well worth the trek but probably not suited for very young children (unless you want to carry them), the physically disabled or the elderly.

Tips: In spring, there are thousands of tadpoles swimming in the gooey algae that will grab kids’ attention. Hiking is thirsty work, remember to bring a bottle of drinking water per person.

Finding Quinninup Falls

Finding the entrance to the section of the Cape to Cape is what mucks people up. But there’s one super easy way to find it.

Allow about 45 minutes to walk to the Falls, and 1 hour for the return journey.

Moses Rock Road

  • As long as you follow directions on how to get to the end of Moses Rock Road, you will find the car park.
  • From the car park, head to the right and up the log steps.
  • Stay on the track. You’ll go over a bridge and eventually come to that steep sand dune. Once at the bottom, continue to the right (past the picketed sign).
  • It’s hard to miss from there.

It’s a beautiful spot for a picnic and some photos for your Instagram grid. And the best part? It’s unspoiled, natural beauty.

How to find the Quinninup Falls Photo: Jennifer Morton

Photo: Jennifer Morton

Tip: Do not enter Quinninup Falls on Google Maps or your GPS. Type in Moses Rock Road.

 If you don’t use electronic maps, follow these directions from Wildwood Valley.

  • Turn left onto Wildwood Road
  • Turn left onto Caves Road
  • Turn right onto Moses Rock Road
  • Follow until you reach the car park

Getting to Quinninup Falls is easy when you know how. It’s active and adventurous way to spend a piece of your Yallingup holiday where you’ll get to see our stunning coastline and experience a piece of the south west’s hidden treasure.


Photos: thanks to Jennifer Morton


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